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Risk Solutions

Creating a social media policy and strategy can help dentists safeguard their patients and practice from common risks.

Case Study

A hygienist began care without investigating the patient’s reported medical history, and the dentist followed suit. See how it turned into a malpractice claim.

Our leading risk consultant gives practical advice on how to smartly navigate common risks in these five short videos. 

Risk Solutions

Speaking poorly of another dentist or their work is called jousting. It’s not only unethical, it can also lead to a malpractice lawsuit that involves both dentists.

Case Studies

Learn how to navigate situations in your practice with these real-life case studies.

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Sharpen your risk management skills (and earn premium discounts) with our online CE courses.

Informed Consent Samples

Our sample forms can help you and your practice with informed consent — a key part of the provider/patient conversation prior to any treatment.

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