We’re at our best when it matters most.

What sets us apart

A lawsuit can be filed even when you’ve done nothing wrong. That’s why we carefully evaluate each claim and unexpected outcome — as early and efficiently as possible.

Every malpractice claim has significance for your life, your career, and your future. That’s why we keep you as involved as possible and provide litigation support along the way.

If we take a case to trial, we do whatever is needed to win — from testimonial coaching to expert witnesses to trial technology. We fight claims without cutting corners. Your reputation is worth every penny.

We manage claims in-house and only work with the nation’s top experts — pulling from resources across the country. As a Berkshire Hathaway company, we do what it takes to assemble the best team possible for your defense.

See how we come through.

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“Being supported by MedPro was a great experience. We went to trial because it was in my best interest, and it paid off. My defense team took care of everything. They knew what to expect from the other side and we won the case.”
Dr. Richterman, DDS, Dentist in New Jersey
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“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest. MedPro did such a stellar job in defending the case, and justice was served. I actually feel like I came out of it more confident in what I do. I’m excited to get back to work.”
Dr. Ed, Dentist in California
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“My MedPro Claims Consultant was as sharp as a razor. In the unfortunate circumstance of a claim, I’m going to ask to work with her again. Her expert advice, accurate evaluation, and backbone of steel in the face of a litigious plaintiff representation was pretty impressive”
Benjamin Dunlap, DMD, Dentist in South Carolina
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“Some people ask me, ‘What difference does it make to you if you lost? Isn’t that why you have insurance?’ I believe it is not about the money. It is about something else: my dignity and professional reputation. I want to thank MedPro Group for the great coverage that resulted in my defense verdict.”
Dr. J. K., Dentist in California
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“During the trial process, I felt I had absolute control. I wanted to be aware of what was going on in my case, but I left it to the professionals to advise me. When I had questions, they were always answered thoroughly by my attorney and MedPro. I was impressed.”
Dr. M, Dentist in Illinois
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Support for every step

Facing a malpractice claim is tough, but understanding how the process works can help you feel more prepared. Here’s how we support you every step of the way:

If something happens in your practice that concerns you, call and talk to one of our claims specialists, who will offer reassurance and walk you through the next steps.

While you get back to your daily routine, we get to work. Our lawyers and dental experts — who have decades of experience — get together to develop a solid plan for your defense.

We stay with you through the entire process, remaining available to answer your questions and support you however you need us.

Finally, should your claim go to trial, you can have peace of mind knowing our dental claims team wins 95% of trials.

An unmatched defense record

Inadequate Informed Consent Leads to Legal Action Against Dentist
Inadequate Informed Consent Leads to Legal Action Against Dentist

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